A Mask of Knives

Barrow's Edge

Our adventurer’s set out for Barrow’s edge, on the way they come across a trading caravan being attacked by goblin’s, and come to its aid. They meet Gruumph(?), a dwarven cleric of pelor, and continue on their way to Barrow’s edge with the caravan. They get attacked by a goblin sorceror and his wolf.

They arrive at Barrow’s edge and the trader gives them 100gp credit at her store, they also go to the inn and speak with the owner of the inn who explains that the town has been under attack by goblins recently the 500gp reward is for solving the town’s goblin problem. They stay the night and set out in the morning.

The ranger leads the party to a cave, where they are attacked by a javelin flying out of the entrance, the adventurers rush into the cave and valiantly slay a goblin and its guard dog. They hear sounds coming from the other side of the one door in the room, and position themselves strategically at the entrance. The first goblin to go through the door suffers a swift and violent death, and a second goblin is slain by an arrow shot into the room. The party moves into the room, and Oeric is knocked out before the final three goblins in the room are finally slain.

The party returns to Barrow’s edge to rest for the night.

The Adventure Begins

(Authors note: I apologize if the play-by-play action is not 100% correct, just let me know if something needs changing.)

Our story begins on a bustling street in the port city of Dalimsport where a group of complete strangers are about to begin a quest under some rather interesting circumstances.

It begins with an elf named Lia stealing an apple from a cart. She could have bought the entire cart, but the vendor happened to be looking away and she took the opportunity. Meanwhile, an unassuming little halfling was walking up to the apple cart and tripped on a cobblestone. Lia saw her falling her direction and sidestepped, allowing the halfling to smack her head into the side of the wooden cart. With a chuckle, she started to walk away. The halfling, enraged at Lia, threw an apple at her head. It connected, and Lia ran back to punish the halfling roundly for taking revenge. The apple cart owner called for the guards.

Nearby a burly half-orc with bells tied to his wrists and ankles is aggravated because the crowd he is trying to entertain and make money from has been completely distracted by the growing tussle. Seeing an opportunity for some action, Oeric begins to move towards the source of the ruckus.

An elf ranger named Content Not Found: foraii saunters leisurely about, seemingly unperturbed by these events.

Two city guards begin to approach the fighting Content Not Found: lia and Content Not Found: seraphina, prompting the halfling to flee like the wind to a nearby tree, which she attempts to climb with comical results.

As Oeric pulls out his whip, Content Not Found: lia runs by him, seeing his opportunity to get in on the action, Oeric cracks his whip at her, missing, and she doesn’t seem to notice. The guards tackle Content Not Found: lia to the ground and Content Not Found: foraii, who has just been kicked in the stomach, decides to get in on the action and saunters over to (moves in to attack) one of the prone guards. Unfortunately, he fails to see the second guard directly in front of his feet and tumbles clumsily over onto the ground, twisting his ankle.

Letting loose a hearty laugh, Oeric whips one of the guards directly on his butt with a very powerful and painful strike, allowing Content Not Found: lia to free herself and run away. As more guards approach with just Oeric and Content Not Found: foraii still at the scene, the two surrender themselves.

Oeric Has an easy time talking his way out of arrest, claiming to have been trying to help the guards capture the thieves, and that it was an accident when he hit the other guard, however Content Not Found: foraii is not so lucky. He ends up bribing the guard with all his money (9 gp) with the promise of 41 more gp at an undisclosed location, he also attempts and miserably fails to scare the guard with a single “poisoned” dart. The guard, not trusting him, decides to follow Content Not Found: foraii as he saunters (limps) to wherever he’s got the rest of the gold stashed.

Meanwhile, Content Not Found: lia has spotted Content Not Found: seraphina hilarious attempts at climbing that tree and has gone to talk to her. They agree not to “pull that shit” on each other again, and see Content Not Found: foraii sauntering (being escorted by the guard) nearby. The girls go to speak with the guard and see if they can get him out of trouble; Content Not Found: lia pretends that she is Content Not Found: foraii sister and after the guard accidentally lets it slip that he won’t be charging Content Not Found: foraii with anything because of the bribe, Content Not Found: lia claims that their house recently burnt down, and that he really doesn’t have any money. In a rage, the guard punches Content Not Found: foraii in the face and storms off.

Content Not Found: lia walks away without really saying anything else, and turns to the corner to find Oeric dancing, trying to “make a buck” (make a gp). She says thanks for helping with the guards and gives him 2 gp, and asks what exactly he is doing. After an impressive display of Oeric’s dancing skills, she mentions that she has a lute in her pack if he was interested in doing a show together or something. After Oeric agrees, Content Not Found: lia walks back the way she came from without saying another word and a confused Oeric (who really has nothing better to do anyways) follows her.

The two come across Content Not Found: foraii and Content Not Found: seraphina standing at the notice board looking for a quest to embark on, and somehow the unlikely quartet ends up deciding to take a mission at Barrow’s Edge, a small hamlet to the southwest.

Oeric does a decent, but not fantastic dance to Content Not Found: lia completely untrained lute playing (it is really pretty bad) and the pair makes 2 sp, which they split evenly before the party moves to a hotel for the evening to get some rest.

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