A Mask of Knives

Barrow's Edge

Our adventurer’s set out for Barrow’s edge, on the way they come across a trading caravan being attacked by goblin’s, and come to its aid. They meet Gruumph(?), a dwarven cleric of pelor, and continue on their way to Barrow’s edge with the caravan. They get attacked by a goblin sorceror and his wolf.

They arrive at Barrow’s edge and the trader gives them 100gp credit at her store, they also go to the inn and speak with the owner of the inn who explains that the town has been under attack by goblins recently the 500gp reward is for solving the town’s goblin problem. They stay the night and set out in the morning.

The ranger leads the party to a cave, where they are attacked by a javelin flying out of the entrance, the adventurers rush into the cave and valiantly slay a goblin and its guard dog. They hear sounds coming from the other side of the one door in the room, and position themselves strategically at the entrance. The first goblin to go through the door suffers a swift and violent death, and a second goblin is slain by an arrow shot into the room. The party moves into the room, and Oeric is knocked out before the final three goblins in the room are finally slain.

The party returns to Barrow’s edge to rest for the night.



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